YouDu Web Content Management System (CMS)
A new version of YouDu Web CMS designed specifically for professional associations, government, e-commerce websites and intranets has been unveiled by the UK-based Big Oxford Computer Company (BOCC).

With the novice user in mind, BOCC said YouDu CMS does away with the need for special browser plug-ins and enables real-time website management via a browser -- be that changing text, or publishing digital assets such as audio and video. But then again, every web content management provider claims its product is easy to use and is user-friendly: for a novice or geek.

This upgraded solution runs in parallel with YouDu Forms, an online form-building tool that creates stylized web forms along with data and reporting tools.

Building Websites With YouDu

BOCC, the producer of YouDu CMS, specializes in visual, interface and web design, as well as web development and hosting. This interactive agency focus is quite vivid in the Web CMS product they offer.

YouDu CMS is said to deliver a range of web-based products that aim to cut IT expenses involved in building and managing a websites. In this version of YouDu, the focus is on making it easy to build websites, as well as managing and updating the content.


youdu cms.jpg

YouDu CMS -- Easy page and website builder

YouDu CMS Features

YouDu comes with an array of features, including:

  • WYSIWYG, browser-based HTML editor: Functions include ability to insert images, links and files; as well as an option to edit the HTML source code. Users can also select predefined formats and styles.
  • Administrator-based page management for automatic page view, page preview and alert settings; as well as the ability to include and edit metadata and taxonomies.
  • Built-in polls, site search and video functionality.
  • Asset management in the file management library with auto-thumbnail previews and bulk import facility. Flash and other rich media can be uploaded and associated with specific content within the CMS.

YouDu_file manager_2009_2.jpg

YouDu CMS -- File Manager

The Web CMS also has some SEO and social media optimization with RSS feeds and site map generation functionalities.

Where Is The Value?

So what do you get if you decide to go with YouDu? Well, apart from the advertised cost effectiveness, BOCC says that users will get:

  • Sites that have a consistent look and feel, which YouDu CMS will automatically add branding to user-defined templates. If client companies cannot come up with a design, BOCC (of course) can do that too.
  • With no technical knowledge, or experience, users can manage sites using nothing but a web browser. We find this hard to believe, as practically all new tools require some ramp-up and the learning curve can be steep. We do hope, though, that YouDu CMS compares well to some of its competition's products in the micro CMS market. To take this even further, take a look at hosted (SaaS) CMS options available out there for comparison purposes.
  • Accounts can be set up and created within one day, while content can be uploaded straight away using pre-designed templates, or imported templates. This statement is also very vulnerable to discussions on the seemingly easy Web CMS implementations -- no matter how easy they seem at first.
  • YouDu also claims to be "entirely extensible and scalable." We sure would like to see some examples of that.

YouDu CMS Pricing Options

If you decide YouDu will do for your needs, there are a number of different pricing options available.

The first is an unlimited full organization enterprise license priced at UK£ 9,495 (US$ 15,114), which allows companies to run multiple websites from one CMS environment with separate domains names; or host the system themselves.

Alternatively, you can go for an annual license fee ranging from UK£1,495 (US$ 2,379) to UK£ 6,495 (US$ 10,366) depending on the size of the site. That includes initial set-up costs, the annual license and annual hosting fee. 

Do you YouDu? If so, please take a moment to tell us about your experiences.