Alcatel-Lucent Connects Service Providers with Web 2.0
Alcatel-Lucent has a set of new capabilities for all the service providers, content providers and application developers out there. The release, which includes the Application Exposure Suite and an Open API Service, aims to speed up the creation of Web 2.0 services while keeping the process secure and controlled.  

Mashed Up

Alcatel-Lucent’s new capabilities are like doorways; they grant access to important information (location of subscribers, service preferences, and billing relationships) so that developers can create mashup applications that utilize both Web-based capabilities and the functionality of service provider networks.

"Alcatel-Lucent has found an elegant way to help service providers and application and content providers benefit from the new model of application development – merging network capabilities with the agility and ingenuity of thousands of Web developers," explained Elisabeth Rainge, Director IDC. "The company’s holistic end-to-end approach to application enablement can help service providers to reassert their value proposition in the Web 2.0 value chain and beyond."

Application Exposure Suite

The Application Exposure Suite makes the availability of network assets possible through what Alcatel-Lucent calls a secure "exposure layer." Putting information on a virtual platter like this allows Service Providers to monetize their capabilities and developers to easily ‘grab’ the functionalities they’d like to add to their applications.

Open API Service

The new Open API Service continues in the mashup vein by providing a Web portal for controlled access to aggregated network capabilities. Developers can also leverage enablers from multiple carriers in one place (as well as obtain technical support), rather than worry about establishing individual relationships

For service providers, the Open API Service “eliminates the expense of registering, provisioning and supporting developers.”

“The Open API Service enables us to easily incorporate network capabilities into our
applications,” said Alex George, Managing Director of Gamma Engineers, a contact center developer. “With these APIs we can differentiate our applications and deliver improved customer service for our enterprise customers.”

Transformation Services

Finally, to support the transformation of service providers to open business models, Alcatel-Lucent has a portfolio of professional services in a multivendor environment. The portfolio includes systems integration and network management as well as service-layer operations. 

"We are helping service providers find new ways to fully exploit their resources, including
location, presence, preferences, address book, Quality of Service and payment, by exposing such capabilities in a managed and controlled way to a growing community of application developers to create a whole new category of advanced Web 2.0 and multimedia services," said Kenneth Frank, president of Alcatel-Lucent Solutions and Marketing. "In particular, the Open API Service eliminates the inconsistent policies, practices, requirements and capabilities across multiple networks that make application development a costly and lengthy process, while protecting the integrity and reliability of the network."

Want more info? You can get more details on the Application Exposure suite here, and the Open API Service here