Nexicon to Monitor Copyright Laws on YouTube
The rules in the world of online video get more stringent, as Nexicon -- an emerging provider of digital rights management (DRM) and business intelligence solutions -- partners with YouTube. Under the terms of the agreement, Nexicon will serve as a third-party intermediary between YouTube and its users to provide anti-piracy support and DRM monitoring services.

Claim Your Stuff and Make Money

Using YouTube's Content Management System and its video identification technology, Nexicon will monitor video owners' copyrighted material. With the addition of Nexicon’s tools to the mix, content owners will have the ability to claim and monetize their copyrighted digital media. This certainly sounds like good news to copyright holders in the digital marketplace, as it will allow content owners to benefit from the billions of daily file transfers on the Internet and even bolster revenue.

Nexicon's MARC platform

Nexicon's MARC platform will be used as the anti-piracy watchdog in this partnership. MARC's goal is to help copyright holders end piracy by identifying both the pirates, who are illegally “seeding” the copyrighted material, as well as the “fans” of the copyrighted material, who are illegally downloading the files. MARC is a four-tiered platform that can monitor, analyze, report and collect all things illegal. Nexicon’s product portfolio also includes such solutions as GetAmnesty and DigitalRanger that are leveraged in the MARC platform to collect settlement fees from illegal downloaders and help investigate and enforce copyright laws. All in all, it sounds like this relationship promises to be mutually beneficial, as “YouTube's technology will complement Nexicon's technology and benefit content owners,” according to Tommy Stiansen, Nexicon’s CTO. Don’t forget that there’s always the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, should you decide to protect your copyrighted online belongings.