After a stellar year full of many successful solutions, Recommind started off 2009 right by targeting users of next-generation search with their release of MindServer Search 6.0.

We predicted the providers of Information Risk Management (IRM) software to be poised for another round of success. Here to support that prediction is KMWorld Magazine’s “Top 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management” list, which Recommind has landed placement on for the sixth year in a row.



KMWorld’s prestigious list recognizes companies that have played an innovative role in the creation, enhancement and definition of the knowledge management market. Candidates are said to be compiled annually by colleagues, Knowledge Management practitioners, theorists, analysts, vendors and their customers.

“Each company on our list embodies as part of its culture agile and limber execution of its mission, embracing a spirit of both adaptability and innovation,” said Hugh McKellar, editor in chief of KMWorld. “We congratulate Recommind for maintaining its excellence in the field of knowledge management and for continuing to serve its customers with some of the most effective search and categorization products on the market.”

About MindServer

Recommind's Knowledge Management solution enables an organization's intellectual assets to be automatically accessed and leveraged.

As we’ve reported before, the MindServer platform provides sophisticated search capabilities, pulls information from multiple resources, and enables users to find relevant information across an entire organization.

The platform manages both structured and unstructured information, scales search and filtering across multiple repositories and terabytes of data, enforces multiple layers of security rules, and allows the user to find information according to the way they think.

Consider the following features:

  •  Automatically integrates information from multiple sources - both internal and external
  • Smart filtering™ capability leverages metadata and other information
  • characteristics to provide results with pinpoint accuracy
  • Ties together people with documents, clients and projects
  • Displays results in context
  • Requires no manual effort on the part of the user
  • Highly scalable architecture can incorporate 100s of millions of documents
  • comprising terabytes of data
  • Respects native security while also providing multiple layers of security controls

Giving Thanks

“This is a great honor and a wonderful testament to Recommind’s ability to keep pace with a fast-changing market,” said Robert Tennant, CEO, Recommind. “Given today’s economic uncertainty, it’s more important than ever for companies to take the necessary steps to maximize productivity while effectively managing information risk. Our suite of products, based on the automated CORE ™ platform, puts essential knowledge and expertise at our customers’ fingertips instantly, securely and completely in context. We’re proud that our software is playing a vital role helping enterprises navigate these challenging economic times.”

We know you're sick with wonder over who else made the list, but you'll have to wait until March of this year to check it out. In the meantime, keep tabs on Recommind by visiting their Web site here