Webcast Human Factor Interaction Research
Human Factors International (HFI), a company dedicated to software usability, presents Trends in user experience design: What you need to know in 2008 that can help your business. This free, live webinar is scheduled for Thursday, February 7 at 3:30 pm ET (US). As more and more companies begin to think of their users as people rather than consumers or targets, terms like usability and accessibility become less buzzwords and more imperatives leading the charge for user-centered design. Now more than ever, organizations are being called upon to incorporate best practices in order to create engaging user experiences (UX). To meet this need, HFI's Susan Weinschenk and Kath Straub explore the top 5 trends in user experience design for 2008. The trends include: * Emotional design and persuasive architecture * Designing for different generations * User experience and human factors in healthcare * Creating a joyful, effortless e-commerce experience * Self service in e-government If you are not quite exhausted by all the to-do's for 2008, check out this webinar. It will help you to examine the critical trends of the year ahead and teach you to better understand UX from different perspectives based upon the audiences served. The broadcast includes audio/video and slides, concluding with a live Q&A session where you can submit questions. You can prepare ahead and download the free whitepaper.