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In just two tiny weeks the world will celebrate World Usability Day 2009 -- a day when we can focus on designing for a sustainable world.It may be just one day, but it’s intended to inspire us for years to come. Come along and find your enthusiasm.

Sustaining Usability

Founded to ensure that the services and products important to life are easier to access and simpler to use, each year, World Usability Day focuses on something specific. This year, on November 12, the focus is on sustainability. It’s definitely a theme that’s garnered attention and popularity this year. Whether it’s prolonging the life of an object or ensuring that software systems are updatable and compatible, sustainability affects usability in a variety of ways.

Ensuring usability encompasses all facets of education, health, government, communication, privacy, security and entertainment. Noting the need for technology to become more affordable and available, as well as accessible by those with disabilities, the World Usability Day charter asks for technology to better serve citizens and increase participation in the civic experience.

Learning Opportunities

Usability Starts with You and, er, Me

Improved usability isn’t just the responsibility for those of us who work to design and develop technology, but for all of us who are users. We depend on technology to help us better communicate with others, access information and make life easier. Users must also demand that platforms are intuitive, trustworthy and efficient.

You can participate in local events, volunteer, and pledge your commitment to creating a better world for all citizens everywhere by ensuring that technology helps people live to their full potential. Don’t delay, start planning now. Learn what’s going on in your community at and encourage your colleagues, friends and family to participate.