Endeca scales McKinley with new search platform
Information access software company Endeca Technologies has just announced the availability of its McKinley release Information Access Platform. The platform provides a new architecture for building standards-based search applications.

After two years of research the new platform will allow for the rapid development and maintenance of search applications that offer Endeca’s Guided Navigation user experience across structured and unstructured enterprise data.

Built From the Ground Up

Endeca says that this is more than a search engine that you plug into an enterprise’s information infrastructure. It is a search development platform built from the ground up that will allow developers to take full advantage of recent developments in processing power.

The McKinley platform is designed to replace traditional search engines that make building search applications too costly or difficult. Instead, it works side by side with enterprise applications pulling large volumes of diverse information into a single view.

Enterprise architects and Web 2.0 developers will be able to build new plug-in user interface features, known as 'cartridges', or entirely new search applications using the framework.

Complements Existing Information Systems

The Information Access Platform provides a search function as a service that client enterprises can access in ways that make sense to them using industry standards like Soap and XQuery.

In practical terms, this means that once a user has initiated a search, the new platform extracts entities from the documents it returns and presents the user with more search parameters to pursue such as business, organization or location. It also allows for neutral, positive or negative searches on a particular subject.

Learning Opportunities

Redesigned Engine Among New Features

This latest release of the IAP adds over 100 new new features which include:

  • New MDEX Engine: A redesigned core data service architecture that leverages 64-bit memory architecture.
  • Simplicity: You can access the MDEX engine using XQuery-based web services or WS-I compliant SOAP-based web services.
  • Speed: Interactive responses due to new features such as Continuous Query (processes queries and updates concurrently) and Rapid Updates (near real-time updating).
  • Scale:The new MDEX Engine technology can now handle more data on the same hardware - as much as tens of millions of records.

New Search-Based Products

Endeca also separately announced the release of two search-based solutions, the Endeca Commerce Suite and the Endeca Publishing Suite built on the new platform.

The Endeca Commerce Suite and Publishing Suite are twins. They both provide advanced merchandising and editing capabilities, for merchandisers in the case of online retail and commerce and for editors in the case of publishing.

Both feature a PageBuilder tool which enables editors or merchandisers to gain fine-grained control over the site experience, allowing them to build pages and fine-tune search results.

Endeca will feature the new platform and the new Commerce Suite at their Discover conference being held in Boston betweenJune 8-10.