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  • Moving from Google Search Appliance? The Time is Now

    Moving from Google Search Appliance? The Time is Now

    Earlier this year, Google announced it will be winding down sales of its Google Search Appliance (GSA) through 2017 and will ultimately transition from on-premises to a cloud-based solution.   But the full details of a cloud-based solution are still in limbo.

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  • 6 Overlooked Uses for Search Applications

    The premise of enterprise search applications is to provide better access to an organization’s data and make it easier for employees to find and use. This is a pretty broad premise that can be interpreted myriad of ways.

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  • A New Platform for Standards-Based Search Applications

    Information access software company Endeca Technologies has just announced the availability of its McKinley release Information Access Platform. The platform provides a new architecture for building standards-based search applications. After two years of research the new platform will allow for the rapid development and maintenance of search applications that

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