ATG, Get Your JHTML Experience

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Clearly I've been part of the wrong conversations for the past, errr several years, but the amount of times I've heard the word "ATG" in this time frame can be counted on just one finger.Art Technology Group are on the wires today and this time its for what they call Guided, Adaptive Customer Experience. We did used to call this Personalization, but with Scenarios instead of Rules, and Experience instead of Visit, we're all moving onto to much loftier destinations.Art Technology Group describes their customer experience software as technology that enables consumer-facing companies to provide their customers with a consistent, guided, adaptive experience, online and via other channels. Their suite of products includes the Customer Experience Platform, Commerce Package, Portal, Content Administration, and Search.While they do offer content management capabilities, ATG's clear focus is B2C commerce and self-service applications."Our new products represent the next generation of e-business technology to help businesses guide their customers through an experience that keeps them coming back for more," said Bob Burke, president and CEO, ATG.Today's announcement focused on significant improvements in their flagshipexperience management product -- the Customer Experience Platform (formerly known as ATG Relationship Management).Read more about Adaptive Customer Experience.