Geek Alert: New Perl Port of Lucene

1 minute read
Brice Dunwoodie avatar
The field of Lucene ports just sprouted another flower. The latest, a CPAN Perl module who's name is, yes, "Lucene". This is not a port strictly speaking, but a Perl wrapper around the C++ port of Lucene and as such should be smoking fast as compared to relatives like Plucene.By some accounts this port may outperform the native Java version of Lucene. The C++ club certainly claim that being written in C++ necessarily implies that CLucene will outperform Lucene. Be that as it may, there is one thing for sure. This port is a welcome addition to the Perl community and could also be a boon for the open source CMS folks as well as the blogger types who (of course) find the native Movable Type search engine to be rather inadequate.The CLucene project is a highly active one on Source Forge which should lend confidence to those considering this option. Tom Busch is maintaining the Perl API for CLucene and seems to have done his homework for the project and to have a nice eye for detail around the documentation and examples.More info here: http://search.cpan.org/~tbusch/Lucene-0.01/lib/Lucene.pm