Who's sky high? According to Evans Data Corp, Google and IBM. Based on a recent survey of over 400 software developers, the two mega companies have what it takes when it comes to cloud computing. IBM is considered the strongest for the private cloud, while Uncle G is the one developers turn to when they want to execute in a public setting.

Conducted in September, the survey questioned adoption, adoption intentions, completeness of offering, and ability to execute. Capabilities such as security, scalability, low latency, reliability, no vendor lock-in, and cost to value ratio were also rated.

"The Cloud environment is currently very dynamic both in terms of development and vendor offerings,” said Janel Garvin of Evans Data Corp and author of the report. “Many are evolving their cloud services to span both public and private clouds and we’ll soon see some interesting competitors vying across the spectrum as cloud becomes more pervasive.”

Speaking of competitors, many of you are probably wondering how Amazon's infamous Web Services fit into this whole thing. Evans Data Corp claims that while Amazon was certainly seen as having the most complete solution, it's Google that ultimately woos developers when it comes to execution. Google reportedly topped Amazon in most other categories as well, including adoption intentions in the next 12 months. 

Now that's certainly something to chew on, ey?  The survey report is free with registration and you can check it out here