This week, Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc., one of the leading text imaging solution providers announced the availability of Web Fonts. Serving as Monotype’s cloud-based solution, provides thousands of high-quality fonts for web designers.

WOFF 1.0 Makes Fonts More Enjoyable

Thanks to last month’s meeting between the W3C and Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA) about the new open format for enabling high-quality typography for the Web, the availability of thousands of new fonts will be music to designer’s ears.

The Web Open File Format (WOFF 1.0) allows web designers to improve the readability, accessibility and search optimization of the typographical fonts they use. With more than 7,500 fonts available, including over 2,200 available in the free subscription tier, everyone from brand managers, web designers, publishers and advertising agencies can benefit from fonts that can be easily downloaded for desktop use. As well, more than 40 languages are supported, making font fun globally rewarding.

Diversify Your Fonts

Originally released in beta, Monotype gathered feedback from thousands of designers. Based on their input, Monotype Imaging’s commercial service now lets Web, iPhone and iPad mobile device designers use up to 50 Web fonts in mockups within Adobe InDesign and Dreamweaver software.

Learning Opportunities

Monotype’s Web Fonts offer three subscription plans ranging from free to US$ 100/month. Though the free account has access to fewer fonts, neitherfree nor paid subscription levels feature any restrictions on the numberof websites or quantity of fonts that can be used per domain orsubdomain.

Ultimately, the availability of these fonts, either for free or a part of the premium plan, provides a new level of font diversity to web designers, as well as the satisfaction of knowing that they will be more searchable and accessible than before.