Automating Workflows for Adobe InDesign

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Streamlining publishing processes with InDesign just got easier thanks to a new automation tool from Axaio.

Axing Wasted Time in Publishing

Germany's Axaio is a new company to us that offers a range of productivity and process improvement tools for print or PDF web publishing, primarily with InDesign for Windows and Mac users. These include apps for version control and export management. It steps up to the workflow plate with a new product joint-developed with Dutch firm Van Gennep, whose PlanSystem4 publishing system.

MadeToPrint is a plug in for InDesign, Illustrator, InDesign Server and InCopy, depending on which version you purchase. It can also integrate with other publishing software including WoodWing's SCE/Enterprise 7 among others. There are three editions available, Standard, Auto and Server -- each with various specialist features listed here.

Keep the Presses Rolling

MadeToPrint aims to save time and revenue by streamlining print and export tasks, minimize PDF errors and improve output control. It does this by creating jobsets that allow control over multiple inputs and outputs. So, whether you have highly customizable publishing needs, or just require regular, periodical automation, it can handle the task.

Learning Opportunities

From automatically relinking fonts and images to consistent file naming, it can do a lot of the legwork and help streamline much of the publishing process. For publishers, printers and other agencies trying hard to save every cent in a tough environment, it could make all the difference.

Keep the Change

MadeToPrint is an enterprise-level solution, retailing at MadeToPrint Server PlanSystem4 (Single): €8,490 (US$ 10,879), MadeToPrint Server PlanSystem4 (Multiuser): €10,990 (US$ 14,082) or MadeToPrint Server PlanSystem4 without InDesign Server (for users who already own a full version of Adobe InDesign Server):€6,990 (US$ 8,967).

Interested users can see MadeToPrint at WoodWing's upcoming London event of their World Tour, that takes place on September 17.