Alterian Supports a Mobile Web Experience via bemoko Partnership

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Like the Wonder Twins before them, Alterian (news, site) and bemoko have joined forces. The firms recently announced a partnership to offer a mobile content solution that enables marketers and agencies to move business initiatives to the mobile web more efficiently. Anyone interested in catching the attention of one of those 5 billion mobile phone subscribers should probably continue reading.

The Opportunity

The mobile market is, frankly, a behemoth. According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), there are approximately 5 billion cell subscribers -- that’s 73% of the earth’s total population. That’s 5 billion before including the growing number of internet connected devices other than phones. These statistics make the number of internet users, which is about 1.9 billion, seem paltry.

Savvy organizations recognize that delivering compelling and engaging content via a mobile channel is no longer a luxury reserved for the trendy -- it is a necessity to remain competitive. Arjen van den Akker, Director of Product Marketing for Alterian’s Web Content management division, comments,

Every organization has recognized the fact they cannot do without a website. In 2011 we will see companies realize they cannot ignore mobile any longer either. We are excited about our joint proposition with bemoko as we can now help organizations build a compelling mobile presence in one go, instead of them having to build bespoke mobile applications or templates for each and every device separately. This is a huge differentiator that yields significant competitive advantage.”

The Offering

Supporting the growing population of mobile users introduces a variety of challenges for organizations. How do you ensure content is equally compelling for mobile and traditional devices? How do you implement mobile without increasing marketing and IT resources and budgets? How do you minimize the complexity caused by constant introduction of new mobile devices, formats and operating systems?

Learning Opportunities

Web engagement firm, Alterian, and mobile development software platform provider, Bemoko, want to help. The new mobile offering includes

  • bemokoLive, the bemoko platform that instantly identifies over 12,000 mobile devices and then delivers content specifically targeted and tailored to that device’s capabilities
  • Alterian Content Manager, the Alterian web content management system that allows non-technical users to update dynamic content at any channel
  • Consulting Services

The combined offering will benefit both new and existing customers and partners, allowing them to take their existing investment in content assets and delivery technology, and enhance it with content management functions and dynamic mobile delivery options.