Amadesa Offers Real-Time Analytics in the Context of your Website

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If you’re making decisions about your content, audience or brand based on yesterday’s information, you’re probably not being as accurate as you could be. Google Analytics, while widely accessible, is not as reliable as real-time analytic tools, which can show website conversation rates as they happen. Using real time analytics can mean the difference between being able to better filter the content produced and remaining paralyzed by a lack of relevant information.

Put Your Analytics Into Context

Yet, most real-time analytics provide up-to-date information based on a lot of information, rather than in the context of specific information. Today, Amadesa, best known for their website optimization and testing tools, releases InPlace, which allows companies to manage results and progress in real-time within the live context of a website. By doing so, they can bring together analysis and user experience by analyzing performance across a range of indicators.

By providing context-sensitive, on-site information, marketing departments can make more informed decisions, more efficiently. In Forrester’s State of Online Testing 2010, research showed that companies struggle most with managing the testing process. Thanks to Amadesa, updating and tweaking testing metrics is easy.


The InPlace dashboard can be displayed within a website's interface allowing users to view, manage and make changes. 

Users can share and access in real time through an InPlace dashboard, which provides both visual and textual information, summarizing current testing performance and exposing optimization information. Users don’t have to leave their website to make updates, as all information can be shown without having to access a separate interface.

Learning Opportunities

A Case for Context

Just as context has proved essential for curating content, InPlace makes a case for context in online testing and site optimization. After all, what good is information if you can't put it in context to your site’s experience? In Ahava Leibtag’s recent article she outlines the need to marry content strategy with real-time analytics, saying,

Real-time web analytics tools have made content strategists' dreams come true -- we can now understand precisely what our audience likes, dislikes and is responding to, as it happens.


Amadesa InPlace lets users see up-to-date information of different versions and campaigns on a single website.

With InPlace, users can manage and access a plethora of actions and insights, including:

  • Up-to-date results and a performance summary for all running optimizations
  • An onsite dashboard, listing the highlights for the day/week/month
  • Start and stop optimizations, perform updates to traffic mix, or click into the Amadesa platform for direct access to the optimization
  • Amadesa element tags and where they are located on the pages
  • Test versions and segments selected for a particular visitor

We don’t need research to tell us that companies who use real-time analytics to measure reach and revenue benefit greatly. By implementing real-time analytics with context-sensitive information, companies can dig deeper to measure the true impact of their website and bring optimization to life.

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