Attensity & Biz360 'Open Up the Enterprise' with Social CRM
Semantic analysis company Attensity just rolled out the red carpet via the acquisition of social media monitoring solution provider Biz360 in order to welcome us all to what they're calling the "Open Enterprise."  

Everyone, Talk! 

"By adding the massively growing Internet data source securely to core enterprise applications, we can help enterprises enhance both customer intimacy and transparency," said Ian Bonner, president and CEO of Attensity Group." Biz360's technology and strong team enables us to gather, analyze and deliver social and traditional media securely to the enterprise, supporting new capabilities in Voice of the Customer analytics, customer service, and research processes."

More simply put, by inviting the enterprise to take place in conversations that are happening online, Attensity is capitalizing on the social trend that seems to be taking over our lives, buttressed by giants such as Facebook and Twitter. It's a concept social media expert Jeremiah Owyang so strongly advocated at this year's SugarCon: Social CRM

Changing with the Customers

Attensity's offerings can reportedly generate value and actionable insight from any textual source, including e-mail, CRM notes, survey responses, documents, news, web forums, communities, blogs, and social sites. 

Claiming developments like these to've spawned from the need to change with customer behavior in a social media-powered world, Owyang said, "If customers are talking to the entire market, you must have a holistic approach. Customers expect a holistic touch point, and they deserve it."

Michael Fauscette, vice president of the Software Business Solutions Group at IDC, has also weighed in: 

"The successful enterprise today needs to combine corporate insights with the treasure trove of customer insights available through the Internet. With the acquisition of Biz360, Attensity is in a position to help companies around the world unleash the promise of the social customer through an innovative set of Social CRM applications that are designed for business users."


There are no leftovers in this acquisition. Under the terms, Attensity is gobbling up Biz360 in its entirety, including pending patents, proprietary technologies, customer base, current products and products in development. The Biz360 team will be integrated into the organization, and Biz360's president and CEO, Brad Brodigan, will join Attensity as the senior vice president and general manager. 

The absolute weaving of these companies will create a single location from which customers can make use of synergistic technologies, market presence and customer experience. These include listening post capabilities used by what Attensity claims is over 50 of the Fortune 2000, across more than 15 languages. The acquisition also brings to the table a self service application called Attensity360, which lets organizations monitor, track and analyze these conversations.

The acquisition is expected to close within 10 days. For follow-up info, head over to Attensity's site here.