Cloud Extend Simplifies Salesforce with Process Automation
Confused by You're not alone -- the learning curve combined with the increasing number of data-driven layers added to the SaaS product has left many a business user without a clue. Today Active Endpoints is looking to fill the gap with Cloud Extend, a non-techy app that offers features for organizing Salesforce functions for an entire team.

Playbooks for Productivity

Cloud Extend aims to simplify Salesforce via process automation. Specifically, the application enables sales managers to create and modify custom interactive guides for dealing with various opportunities, such as making an outbound sales call. 

The guides can provide different paths for the user depending on the answers given to various questions:


Once built, these guides can then be shared with the team, and Active Endpoints can collect the data necessary for your analytics, promoting a steady methodology beyond Salesforce’s own offerings.

Further, because it's build on top of, the tool also includes some sample guides for areas like "lead nurturing" and "sales qualification," as well as mobile support for iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

Learning Opportunities

“The way we’ve done it is to embed the tool right in Salesforce– very clean, natural integrated guidance is enscripted for sales managers,” says Mark Taber, CEO of Active Endpoints.“It’s a straightforward approach for the salesperson, and the end result is that the information collected through Salesforce activity is a lot better, so analytics is a lot better.”

That Consumerization Thing

Cloud Extend is just one player in a mighty pool of training and scripting tools for, but it's impossible to overlook what it lends to the CRM platform. For the average business user, it's the difference between being able to actually use and understand the CRM platform, and, well, not. 

It’s yet another example of consumerization. Cloud Extend wants to make Salesforce as simple to use as a solution like PowerPoint. Meanwhile, Salesforce itself wants to be as simple to use as Facebook.

Active Endpoints is making a smart move by taking advantage of this trend. Soon enough,  IT departments will be few and far between. Check out Cloud Extend it its full glory here