CMSWire community contributors work in the trenches of information management, enterprise collaboration and web engagement. In this weekly aggregation we highlight a few of the most impactful community articles. 

Article 1: Small Business Intranets, There's More Than SharePoint

The rise of the small business has lead to an increase in content management systems and portals that are a tad more affordable than SharePoint and the like. In this article, CEO and Founder of Prescient Digital Media, Toby Ward (@tobyward), discusses the options.


Article 2: 5 Reasons Organizations Require Real Time Collaboration

"Enterprise collaboration is challenging for many organizations, but it has also become a necessity," writes Hyoun Park, Aberdeen’s lead analyst in Telecom and Unified Communications. In this article, Park addresses the negative juju associated with "collaboration," as well as details five favorable arguments that might just convince you:

  • Effective Partner/supplier Collaboration 
  • Need to Increase Innovation 
  • Increasing Employee Cohesiveness on a Global/enterprise-wide Scale
  • Identifying New Market Opportunities 
  • Fear of Losing Proprietary and Institutional Knowledge


Article 3: Web Engagement Strategy: Best Practices in Web Projects: Gathering Information

Multidisciplinary teams are usually the best way to tackle Web projects.  In this article, Web content strategist Ahava Leibtag (@ahaval) gathers vital pieces of advice on the matter from experienced Web practitioners:

  • Alice Coleman, Information Architect
  • Daniel Eizans, Content Strategist (@danieleizans)
  • Michael Hogenmiller, Visual Designer (@mhogenmiller)
  • Chris Moritz, Information Architect (@chrismoritz)
  • Jeffrey Rum, Visual Designer (@jsrum)
  • Randall Snare, Content Strategist (@randallsnare)


Article 4:Mobile Content & Collaboration: Let's Face It, You Aren't Ready

2011. Mobile devices are all the rage. It's exciting.

While you might individually be ready to make the shift away from your computer screen, that definitely doesn't mean your organization is (or your infrastructure, for that matter). In this article, Dan Keldsen (@dankeldsen) , President and a Principal Consultant at Information Architected, takes a look at common systems and applications from various perspectives:

Prepare yourself. It is going to take work to unwind the past and pave the future. But the possibilities? Endless. But only if you take the steps to move forward.


Article 5: Can SharePoint Automate Collaboration?

The meaning of "collaboration" changes depending on who it is you're talking to. In the Enterprise world, it's more formal, requiring various steps or processes to get to an end point.

"Document approval is a good example of this," writes IT consultant, Chris Wright. "Once a document has been created, shared and collaborated online, it often needs formal sign-off before it can be used, such as a multi-user sign-off process occurring over an extended period of time, with different paths depending on the particular content being reviewed."

These processes can be fairly time-consuming, so for organizations that have the resources, a system that can automate them -- like SharePoint -- is a huge plus.