CMSWire community contributors work in the trenches of information management, enterprise collaboration and web engagement. In this weekly aggregation we highlight a few of the most impactful community articles.  

Article 1: Why Quality Web Engagement Takes More Than 140 Characters

Chris Crabtree (@speaku), founder of Speaku, hit a nerve last week when he pointed out that most social networks were not designed with customer engagement in mind.

Twitter, for example, though useful for making announcements and discovering isolated tweets to determine customer sentiment, is not designed for rich customer engagement. Using the web to truly engage your customers takes more than 140 characters.

In this piece, Crabtree suggests methods other than bowing down to social networks for creating quality engagement. 


Article 2: Making Mistakes and Poor Decisions Because of Old Risk Information

Unfortunately, most of us make less than appealing decisions on a regular basis. In this article, Norman Marks (@normanmarks), vice president, governance, risk, and compliance for SAP's BusinessObjects division, considers whether or not a misunderstanding of Risk Management could be a culprit. 


Article 3: Building Web Engagement through Rich Media Webcasting

"The good news about the Web is also the worst thing imaginable. Your company and your products are just one click away from being viewed by more than a billion people. The problem? So is everyone else’s company and products," said Greg Pulier (@webcaster), founder and president of MediaPlatform.  

In this article, Pulier discusses what to do when it comes to what is perhaps today's toughest job: Getting people online to pay attention to what you have to say. 


Article 4: Enterprise Collaboration: Get Past the Blogs & Wikis Requests

In this article, IT consultant Chris Wright discusses a common weakness: an overemphasis on products -- especially the "easier" ones. 


Article 5: Organizations Get Serious About Enterprise Collaboration in 2011

Brett Davis (@brettdavis1), CEO and co-founder of Sazneo, makes an interesting point about predictions in the online collaboration market being extremely foolhardy (things are just evolving way too fast) but that doesn't mean there aren't still things you can count on. 

In this piece, Davis highlights a few to look out for in 2011, including:

  • Companies won’t just adopt Collaboration 2.0 technologies because they are sexy
  • Vendors that initially focus on solving a niche problem will gain traction
  • Account Management is not dead