DaCast Brings Live Streaming to Facebook
 Interested in live streaming over Facebook? Now you can. DaCast, a self-service video streaming platform, today announced a feature lets users add live streams to their Facebook pages. 

To stream, users simply share their channel URL through a Facebook wall post. No downloading, plugins, or additional signup are required. After posting, friends and other visitors can watch the stream, as well as click a share link to spread the content to others.


 "We're very pleased to be able to offer easy to use live video streaming over Facebook," said Stephane Roulland, CEO of DaCast. "For the first time, more than 500 million active Facebook users can broadcast live video in only a few minutes. It's a huge step forward in the world of communications."

Other Players

Other players like Ustream and Livestream have also integrated with Facebook, but with a primary focus on major events. DaCast’s Facebook integration is designed for a much broader audience, as anyone can create a live video stream and copy and paste the share code. 

This opens up streaming to casual users who want to share videos with friends, as well as event organizers, musicians, TV channels, sports & radio, and other groups that wish to broadcast video to a wide group of users online. It'll be interesting to see if the tool catches on with regards to music, as MySpace is arguably one of today's biggest platforms for discovering new artists. 

The feature is available as of today and you can sign up for it here