Demandbase Announces Real-Time Business Identification

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Approximately six months ago we discussed the ways Demandbase, a provider of B2B customer acquisition solutions, works to better engage publishers with target audiences and deliver better, relevant advertisements.

Today they are launching a new platform called Real-Time ID Service that aims to identify business web traffic, in real time. With the new service, marketers can be armed with valuable insight into not just who is visiting or who has visited a website, but rather who is about to visit their website.

A Real Time Advantage

Just how does Demandbase administer such a mystical endeavor? Not with psychics, but with a combination of a multi-sourced data platform overlaid with proprietary industry information and hundreds of millions of monthly web visits from over 2,000 B2B websites.

By identifying business traffic in real-time and then doing something significant with the information based on the relevancy to a target audience or a specific company name, users can use it to instantly change web sites.

As well, the information can be directly integrated into other marketing solutions to make the user experience more effective, and customized for CRM to match target accounts, sales territories, focus industries or specific market segments.

Learning Opportunities

Converting Users & Experiences

Converting web visitors is a primary concern for B2B marketers, and as a result marketers are eager to achieve as much return on investment as possible.Demandbase‘s Real-Time Identification Service allows marketers to attract new customers and users based on a customized, real-time web experience with more targeted content, shorter web forms or special customer offers.

Reforming the Form

By enhancing and refining the development of online forms, companies can help turn drop-offs and bounces into revenue. Demandbase users can utilize the complete and uniform company information provided by the platform.


Demandbase helps make existing company web forms and streamlines to meet the needs of visitors.

And it’s not just forms that can be refined. Social media and other online marketing programs can be improved, as well. The Business Resolution platform and Real-Time ID Service can integrate with other technologies used by marketers including CRM, web analytics, marketing automation and CMS, account responses and activities easy to understand.

The user experience continues to be analyzed and interpreted over and over to meet the evolving needs of users. Most web designs are based on prescribing the actions of its users. Demandbase gives its users valuable information based on established behaviors that can give more validity to the usability of a site, resulting in better conversion rates.

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