It’s half comic, half E-Book authored by Lisa Welchman of Web Operations Management firm WelchmanPierpoint. If you ever wondered about the impact of the web on organizations, and how to examine and understand the strengths and weaknesses of your own web presence -- this quick read is for you.

In this day and age, your company’s dysfunctions can be broadcasted to WWW -- whole wide world -- by your own folks like “Wendell Wallace Webb,” who lives and breathes online 24/7 -- potentially, talking/tweeting to your customers, shareholders and employees.

Bad search, multiple designs, broken links and content silos are only some of the examples of how bad web presence can stem from organizational dysfunctions, such as subjective tastes being the main driver in developing your organization’s websites. The result? Your customers move on (very quickly) onto the next possibility.

It is not as much about technologies and redesigns behind your website, but more about pro-active and strategic way of managing your websites.

Welchman’s advice is to manage your web presence with precision and coherence if you want to remain competitive, viable and exercise control of your brand.

And this is where the Digital Deca – the 10 core management principles – come in:

  1. Your web presence is the digital manifestation of your organization.
  2. In a digitally transforming business environment, bold leadership is vital.
  3. Decision making must be based upon expertise, not power.
  4. The business framework must be inclusive.
  5. Standards enable collaboration.
  6. The web is an asset.
  7. The organization owns the web presence.
  8. Management should embrace impermanence.
  9. Know your customer but own your mission.
  10. Measure twice, execute once.

Find the full version of the book here (in PDF). There’s also a preso.