Eqentia, an enterprise-oriented content discovery buff, released the second version of its SaaS-based software today. Eqentia 2.0 features a self-service capability for enterprise portals, the addition of the Personal Stream for collecting and curating content, and a revamped UI.

Eqentia is Not Your Mama's Aggregator 

Unlike most popular content aggregators today, Eqentia focuses on special purpose rather than general purpose. In other words, don't expect to see a typical, serendipitous stream of Facebook Likes and related Tweets. 

“We focus on content relevancy first, then we find out its popularity in social media next," explained the company's founder and CEO, William Mougayar. "Therefore, we’re not a social media aggregator; rather, we’re a smart aggregator that knows about social media attention.” 

To get started, users select Portals to follow, which are basically streams focused on any given topic. These portals combine articles from 35,000 global sources with context-specific and real-time Twitter streams, integrate customizable filters, and display the weight of each individual piece of content in the social media world (number of Tweets, Likes, LinkedIn posts). 

Here's a shot of a Mobile Web portal, for example:

Eqentia Mobile Web 2011-04-27.jpg

Users can login to their Eqentia account to view the collection of news, or they can select from a variety of other delivery methods -- widgets, custom e-mails, private/public portals and mobile devices are just a few. 

Eqentia Platform.png
Eqentia Concept

What's New in 2.0

The Personal Stream is arguably the biggest perk of Eqentia 2.0, which also adds a more intuitive UI. Now, users can follow various portals from one single news intelligence dashboard. The dashboard itself can be customized through text-mining filters, and a concurrent Twitter monitoring stream can be built on hashtags, users, lists, etc.

The update also adds:

  • Annotations: Eqentia users can now write their own comment or assessment of an article with its own headline. The annotation will automatically include a link to the original piece.
  • Eqentia WordPress Plugin WordPress bloggers can now include content from Eqentia thanks to a new plugin. The semantic connections supplied by Eqentia are synced with the Tags and Categories on Wordpress to surface contextual content.

Interested? Check out the company's various pricing plans and all that jazz here