We continued our mobile theme this week with expert advice on everything from embracing openness to how mobility trends affect future apps. 

  • Report: How Mobility Trends Affect Future Apps. 2010 was the year that information mobility came into its own. While mobile email and the RIM Blackberry have been staples of the mobile business person for years, the ability to deliver rich content in a convenient format was realized with mobile broadband, the Apple iPad and a massive uptake in data-enabled smart phones including iPhone, Android phones and the Blackberry.

  • Enterprise Mobility Requires a Mobile-Ready Information Infrastructure. The analysts are saying it, consultants are seeing it, organizations are talking about it. Mobile needs to be a part of any strategy/roadmap for information management. But it's not a simple as adding mobile devices to the network.

  • Creating the Mobile Enterprise: Embracing Openness. In my last post, I talked about some of the most significant people-process challenges facing folks looking to enable a mobile enterprise, the goal being to counterbalance the over-emphasis on mobile technology in discussions of mobility.

  • In this post, I want to expand out from there to talk about the central organizational design challenge facing the creation of a mobile enterprise — openness.

  • The Mobile Application: Browser vs. Native. Clearly organizations are realizing the growing importance of the mobile Web channel as a way to build brand awareness and customer loyalty, yet many are unaware that there are new, innovative approaches to the native mobile app which leverage the browser and make it considerably easier to engage consumers across the exponential number of mobile devices.

  • Poll: What One Strategic Mobile Initiative Will You Do This Year? There are a number of different ways you could implement mobile capabilities into your organization, but it's unrealistic to think you can do them all at once. It may be about getting the most bang for your buck, it may be about encouraging enterprise collaboration or maybe it's about attracting a new type of customer. Which leads us to our poll for February. What's at the top of your mobile priorities list this year?

And in Other Expert Advice...

  • Do You Need a Tag Management System? Every organizations knows that it's important not just to have an engaging website or online marketing campaign, but to also track what is happening on the website or campaign. This is typically done by applying tags to the underlying code. If you find these tags are becoming difficult to manage, maybe it's time for a Tag Management System.
  • The FTC Privacy Report, "Do Not Track" Options, and Web Analytics. Phil Kemelor takes a closer look at these options from both the perspective of consumer privacy and web analytics. 
  • Are Marketing Images Damaging Your Website? According to Gerry McGovern, there is growing evidence that traditional marketing imagery reduces the credibility and trustworthiness of a website.