As we all twitch in anticipation of the Google+ for business release, it's no surprise that Facebook has introduced a new site for highlighting the processes of advertising and marketing on the social network.

Facebook for Business... 

The site basically provides guidance on using Facebook's marketing tools, such as Pages, Ads, Deals, social plugins and Sponsored Stories. There are directions for things like how to set up a profile page, create targeted ads and deals, and interact with customer feedback online.


The "online education center" obviously aims to be a cushion for marketers, as many have found the process of purchasing and working with ads on the network to be a complex process. Featureless

In case you haven't realized by now, Facebook’s new business webpage doesn't come with any fancy features -- it simply consolidates a lot of related information in one place. 

And while we're sure marketers will appreciate and get good use out of it, Facebook's got another unspoken aim with the site that is quite obvious. Following Google's recent (and dare we say surprisingly successful thus far) entry into the social-networking landscape with Google+ looks to be the catalyst, especially considering all the buzz around  the upcoming Google+ business profiles. 

This move also marks the second time in a month that Facebook has followed up Google+ news with a similar feature launch. That is, Facebook announced a partnership with Skype just one week after Google+ got the crowd going with its built-in  video chat feature called Hangouts.

That Facebook appears to be taking Google’s moves seriously is an indication that, contrary to all the ballyhoo about the two giants coming from different corners of the web, the competition is very real indeed. 

In fact, I came across a video from Epipheo Studios that hits Facebook's presumed worries on the head. Check it out, have a laugh and, if you have a sec, let the team and I know any thoughts you might have on these two giants in the comments below.