FatWire (news, site) beefs up its Web Experience Management Suite with the introduction of two new modules Community Server and Gadget Server.

A Total Web Experience

The push for socially-interactive sites seems to have become a stampede of late. FatWire is among the many companies expanding their offerings, to ensure that the social bases are covered.

At the heart of FatWire's suite is its web content management solution: Content Server. Then there are a number of modules that can be added to create a full featured Web Experience Management Suite.

The two newest modules say a lot of about FatWire's desire to become "the" WEM platform on the market. Both are built on the new FatWire WEM Framework announced recently.

FatWire Community Server

Community Server is a complete social computing solution -- no need for a separate third party social software vendor here.

Whether its in the name of enhancing loyalty, stickiness or better customer relations, users can add comments, rate and review existing content or create their own. Administrators can monitor the content, create white and black lists to keep the site sanitized and block the use of offensive language to protect the company name and reputation.

On the enterprises' side, employees can have their own blogs, which can be useful for organizations with public or industry facing staff. This helps raise profiles and public awareness while maintaining the company style and the same rules as the user content to keep the conversation clean.


FatWire Community Server

FatWire Gadget Server

The second new feature from FatWire, is Gadget Server, which allows users to create dashboards similar to iGoogle. In fact, FatWire Gadget Server is built on the OpenSocial/ Google Gadget standard. 

Users can create their own customized views, or dashboards, selecting from any number of gadgets available from not only FatWire, but from any third-party vendor that builds to the Google Gadget standard.


Add an arsenal of existing or custom gadgets to sites

Administrators do have the ability to lock down certain gadgets in a user's dashboard, or restrict a user from changing settings within a particular gadget.

And because it's built on the OpenSocial standard, FatWire users can create customized gadgets built on their content to be used by other third-party websites, thus enabling them to syndicate their content.

Extending the User Experience

It's not surprising to see FatWire add social capabilities to their WEM solution, this is a requirement today. But the introduction of a Gadget Server built on OpenSocial is a little different and demonstrates the "Platform" push that FatWire sees for their WEM offering.

Both new modules do represent the user's ability to further personalize their experience with a company, which is an important component in driving loyalty and potential increased sales.