FatWire (news, site) has enhanced Mobiity Server in its product portfolio in true fashion of Web Engagement Management across multiple channels.


What It Does

The Mobility Server 2.0 allows FatWire customers to re-use existing content used in the web channel, including navigation elements, to be reformatted and optimized for various types of mobile devices.

This is a valuable addition to the product portfolio, as the mobile channel is an important component to marketing and customer experience initiatives for many organizations. If mobile web is not part of your strategy, you really should give this topic a thought.

Features of Mobility Server

Some of the features of FatWire Mobility Server include:

  • Mobile templates
  • Central user interface for web and mobile content
  • In-context preview
  • Potential for location-based services via GPS data
  • Social features and mobilization of user generated content.

Mobility Server is part of FatWire’s Web Experience Management suite, which includes such components as Content Server for web content management and Social Server for social computing.