Social magazine Flipboard is succeeding where many other tablet-based magazines are failing and now has the funding to secure some major deals.

The Best of the Best

Flipboard is like Reader's Digest for the 21st century, offering the best, most popular reading to a web-engaged wider audience. You can see why that would go down better than the host of traditional magazines-gone-digital offering their linear, blinkered content on the iPad.

Obviously, there is a lot of interest in the model as investors have just pumped in US$ 50 million, giving the company an overall value of US$ 200 million. The funds will go to help expand on the company's content deals and attract new staff.

Oprah Gives It Some Ooomph

And, Flipboard isn't exactly hanging around, with a new deal signed with Oprah Winfrey's publishing company to add the best of her TV and magazine articles to the rapidly growing range of output. From recipes to behind the scenes from her show and Oprah's own Twitter stream, the deal adds one of the biggest names to a product that has largely been a tech darling, opening it up to a wider audience.


Read and watch Oprah on your iPad with Flipboard

Because Flipboard works by gathering content based on the user's activity in social networks, it can provide the perfect mix of "your" news and "of interest" articles that you would otherwise have missed. The company may also be looking to bring out an iPhone and Android product to push the magazine out to an even wider audience.