Everyone's favorite Internet giant is mixing things up over on Blogger. Starting today,  visitors to Blogger-hosted sites will find five new viewing options if they type “/view” at the end of the URL. Make no mistake -- these views aren't aren't simple skin changes. The differences are quite dramatic, and aim to change the way content is consumed altogether. 

The different views are as follows:

  • Flipcard: This view places square photos in rows, side by side. Hovering over a photo "flips" the image, revealing the name of the post, the date it was published and the number of comments it has. Posts can be reorganized by most recent, date, label or author.
  • Mosaic: This one is pretty self-explanatory -- the photos are displayed in a mosaic style. Hovering over a photo increases its size and displays the title of the post. Clicking the image opens the post as part of the mosaic.
  • Snapshot: This view turns photos into rows of Polaroids. The title of the post appears "written" at the bottom of the photo, as though it's a caption. Hovering over each image displays a snippet from the post.
  • Sidebar: Sidebar creates a menu bar on the left side of the screen with all of a blog’s posts as well as their comment counts. Clicking on a title opens the article on the right side. 
  • Timeslide: Timeslide is a three-column layout that displays recent posts. The left column shows photos and snippets from recent posts, while the middle column displays summaries of less recent posts. The right-hand column lists titles of older articles. 

Here's a short video of each view in action, complete with some pumped-up music:



Google's changes to Blogger make sense, as similar platforms like WordPress and Tumblr have been getting far more attention lately. Word on e-street is that more changes are in the works, but you'll have to hold tight for those. 

In the meantime, let us know what you think of these new dynamic views. Google hopes to change the way information is consumed, and we want to know if this is a successful start.