Google's New Site 'What Do You Love?' Offers Instant Web Aggregation
Google (news, site) has sneaked out a new page that brings a broad range of information on your favorite topics to one dynamic page.

Who Loves You?

Google's What Do You Love (wdyl) is a new site product aiming to bring all the content on one subject into one place. Enter a search term and it pulls together a dynamic page of information about that result. So, "David Beckham" offers up pictures of the soccer star, the ability to make a Picasa photo album, deals on books, a collection of YouTube videos and more. As a web engagement piece, it's a nice trick, but is clearly limited.

Enter a non-specific term and things get a bit more random. I'm fairly sure there are no patents on "vinegar," while there are very few Google Earth locations for "Sony Vita," so it pretty much depends on what you search for, as to the level of results you get for it.

Wdyl looks good, but has limited value

Wdyl looks good, but has limited value

Learning Opportunities

All Your Web

As an booster for Google's many services, it works pretty well, showing off the likes of Gmail, Google Voice and others. But because the site can't be reordered to move well-populated elements of the results to the top, it all looks rather hit and miss. Some work could increase the relevance and user voting could improve the curation value of results.

There are some neat elements on there, with a page scroller, but some of it is lumbers into overt advertising, such as "Access so-and-so faster with Google Chrome" at the bottom. Depending on what you're looking for, wdyl is a neat diversion, but you have to wonder if it could ever offer real value beyond teenage crush searches and the like.