Jive's (news, site) partners are getting an extra bit of social business loving this week with the introduction of the Jive Social Network.

Partnering for Success

Every vendor relies on its partners to help it be more successful. So it's obviously important to offer these partners services that will ensure they are offering the best of Jive, implemented in the best possible way for a customer. Jive Software is living its social business values by creating a new social network for these partners to do just that.


Jive Social Network

The new social network supports Jive's three types of partners:

  • Jive Alliance Partners: These are consultants who help implement the Jive Platform
  • Jive Apps Partners: Software vendors who use access social capabilities through Jive's APIs (eg. Box.Net, SalesCrunch, Spigit).
  • Jive Strategic Technology Partners: Partner vendors who provide deep integration with Jive to extend it (and their) capabilities (eg. Alfresco and Akamai).

The purpose of bringing these three partner groups together in a single social network is to share knowledge and talent, thus ensuring that their customers are getting the best solutions possible.

Leading the Social Business Challenge

It's interesting to see how far Jive has come in a short period of time. Although the company has been around for quite a while (pretty much in line with most of the other collaboration software vendors), Jive really found its niche in early 2009 when it renamed -- and revamped -- its platform to the Social Business Software Suite.

The company has taken a tight focus on marketing with much of its capabilities, although the platform works for both internal collaboration and external customer engagement. It has become what many say is the leader in social business software today, heading up a full lineup in many of the analytst reports on social business and collaboration.

It may be that steps like the Jive Social Network are crucial steps to ensure Jive continues its leadership role. Customers need a wide range of technical and professional services and this new partner network should help ensure they have access to the best minds on Jive's platform.