Internet and intranet professionals will have an opportunity to share ideas in anon-vendor environment at the first day of J.Boye Philadelphia 2011Conference. The content filled conference offers participants 60speakers, 8 tracks,8three-hour tutorials and the opportunity to network with peers from all overthe world.

CMS Selection, Social Business andStrategy

J.Boye kicked-off on Tuesdaywith a deep dive tutorial day. Attendees had plenty of options to stay busy,with eight three-hour tutorials, four occurring in parallel in the morning andfour after lunch:

  • CMS Selection
  • Social Business Collaboration: A Practical Framework for Adoption, Staffing, Governance and Education
  • Mental Models: Aligning Design Strategy with Human Behavior
  • Hands-On Task Management: From Interaction Design to Web Strategy
  • Social Media and Information Strategy
  • Mobile Communication Challenges in Higher Education: Issues, Perils, Potential
  • A New Web Strategy: Get a Good grip on all your online
  • Beyond Visits and Page Views 

Developing Actionable Web Metrics

I joined a session presented by Phil Kemelor of Semphonic -- How to DevelopActionable Web Metrics, Reports and Analysis. The session was interactive andfull of participants at round tables, representing multiple industries,discussing how web metrics could be used to understand larger business contexts.Many organizations are capturing metrics like page views, unique views andbounce rates, but what do these numbers mean in terms of business goals? How canstatistics be correlated to business outcomes?

Kemelor had participants work in teams to define key performanceindicators, KPIs and supporting web analytics. The goal -- not being a web analyst, but rather a web analytics architect.


web analytics must be understood in context

Kemelor said,

When you get the data you should already understand what it means, instead of trying to 'figure it out' it once it's received. Google Analytics has done more damage than any vendor out there because they have made data available, but people have no idea what to do with it."

It's all about telling a story with the numbers -- figure out what you really want to measure and then determine the data that supports it. It often starts with a mission (high level), filters to strategic goals, to tactical objectives and then to specific actions and measurements.

The day concluded with tips for participants on how to make the most of conference networking opportunities and a social event.

Learning Opportunities

J.Boye Day 1 & Web Idol

Thefirst conference day kicks-off with a welcome by Janus Boye, conferencefounder, and a keynote address on Social Media and Information Strategy by BobBoiko. Today’s agenda includes four of the eight tracks:

Attendees are free to mix and match tracks as desired.

In addition to the sessions, today’s agenda includes the closest to a vendor“dog and pony show” that the conference offers, an hour long 2011 Web Idol.Selected vendors get six minutes -- that’s right, six minutes -- to demo the bestfeatures of their system. This definitely appeals to my inner attentiondeficiencies. Expert judges provide commentary and attendees vote on the winner.This year’s contestants include Hippo, Kentico, Magus, Telerik and Terminalfour-- lastyear’s winner.

I will be attendingthe keynote and sessions in the online strategy and web content managementtracks. If you are attending the conference, be sure to say hello. I will returnthe favor in my best Texas accent.