Knoodle Enhances Social Learning Platform With Dynamic Collaborative Functionality

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Knoodle Enhances Social Learning Platform With Dynamic Collaborative Functionality
As companies grow and mobile workforces expand, opportunities for training and professional development can be challenging to coordinate and provide, not to mention tedious. Thanks to Knoodle, learning activities can be both accessible and social.

Social + Learning + Cloud

Knoodle, a cloud-based social learning solution provider has announced the third release of its social learning platform.Boasting enhancements to the presentation creation and management process, learning isn’t just fun, it also facilitates knowledge sharing and collaboration. Companies can deliver hosted, informal, self-paced and mobile training on demand, while letting users engage with the presentation in a variety of ways.

Any educator will tell you that learning is just part of the equation. Being able to engage socially with others during the process can help students share and learn from one another. Yet when it comes to e-learning, many social elements can be hard to find. As well, research shows that PowerPoint presentations, upon which many trainings are built, aren’t successful at keeping viewers awake and engaged.

Knoodle combines social features (such as chat, annotation, comments and viewer ratings) with the capabilities of a lightweight learning management system (LMS) (such as testing, tracking and data reporting) into one solution where anyone can augment PowerPoint slides with audio, video or voice-recordings to create a social learning environment.

Create, Engage, Manage, Share

Creating presentations is straightforward and streamlined, so that everyone feels empowered to share their knowledge with others. Users can upload an existing presentation, supplant it with audio or video narration, edit and sync multimedia alongside static presentations, resulting in a dynamic presentation.

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But it doesn’t end there.

Learning Opportunities

  • Users can add surveys and quizzes throughout the presentation, or allow users to leave comments, privately or publicly with others.
  • Presentation creators can drag-and-drop multiple files for uploading in bulk or individually.
  • A new “Manage” interface provides a much improved layout that allows users access to all presentations in one viewing window, making editing and publishing your presentations easier.

Knoodle provides several options for sharing. You can require users to log in to gain access to the presentation, or make it public. You can cut and paste a URL to share or generate a portable presentation so it can more easily be emailed or uploaded across platforms. Additionally, you can generate a widget,which can be embedded on company intranets, mobile or social platforms, making it accessible for everyone to access and engage with.

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Collaborate, Innovate Dynamically

The workforce has always been social. As technology evolves, so does the way that we work, but some things remain the same. We are not robots designed to process lots of information without engagement or feedback. If we are to effectively train others or help share our knowledge to advance the way we work, think and act, it’s only appropriate that our learning platform facilitate social engagement, as well.

Never has collaboration been as important as it is today, so why should we settle for static applications that allow for only one-way conversations? With Knoodle, the social workforce can be empowered by an opportunity to learn collaboratively so they can innovate dynamically.

Knoodle offers flexible pricing options, both preset and configurable, based on the number of hours of training you expect to create and share.