Today at the Online Marketing Summit in Washington, D.C., Internet marketers gather in an effort to learn how to maximize efficiency, opportunities online, while saving money and time. As well, many of those in attendance serve as evangelicals for their companies and will need to return to the office armed with the tools necessary to sway, convey and transform companies, customers and most importantly the C-suite about the importance of employing online marketing solutions.

The Summit started with an opening keynote, Jeff Hayzlett, former chief marketing officer (CMO) and vice president of the Eastman Kodak Company.

As you can imagine no other company has had to face the changing technological landscape more than Kodak. From cameras to film to high-resolution photos to paper and printing, Kodak took the time to revisit their core: digital imaging science and materials science, which can make more than just film, as it turns out. It makes emotional technology.

Hayzlett spent his time educating us about how to breathe new life into our businesses, much like Kodak did. From 118-second elevator pitches to setting clear conditions of satisfaction to learning how to make mistakes, Hayzlett made it clear that leadership sets the tone for successful businesses.

For as much time as companies spend hooking the customer, successful businesses should spend as much time (or more) hooking their employees. As companies try to expand their brands, employees will need to be convinced that changes are fundamental and not detrimental to sustaining growth and opportunity.