I don't think I have ever referred to an analytics dashboard as beautiful, but I can think of no more appropriate word for the free cloud-based Impact Dashboard that hosts, aggregates and visualizes data in real-time that was just demonstrated at South by Southwest Interactive.

The very visually appealing Impact Dashboard was developed through a partnership between Tomorrow Partners, a strategic design agency, and Google data visualization specialist Eric Doverberger and launched in the “Sexy Dirty Data: Making Your Metrics Matter” panel at SXSWI. Judging by the demo, the platform seems very usable. Panelist were able to construct an impressive mashup of widgets containing aggregated social metrics in a matter of minutes. According to Gaby Brink of Tomorrow Partners,

We wanted to create something that contextualized data and made it actionable for the audience.”

Ingrid Kopp, editor-in-chief of Shooting People, an international organization for independent filmmakers, added,

Impact allows you to bring the audience into the data and tell a story.”

I agree with this assessment after seeing the point-and-click interface yield a very slick analytics dashboard.

Impact Dashboard is targeted at organizations that want to use data to engage and interact with an audience, which is virtually every organization that does anything. The platform includes tools to track and analyze the impact of digital content, supports mobile devices, features a completely customizable interface and supports integration of multimedia such as videos to help deliver a message.

Surprisingly, it’s free and dashboard is open source, according to Doverberger, “the code will be available on Github or Google code or some other popular site.”  The information page for Impact Dashboard alludes to a premium level option that will include developer supported customizations, but no pricing information is available.

The panelist indicated that the platform will be released for public beta in a “couple of months.” You can register to be notified of the launch at http://www.bavc.org/impact .