Personyze Partners with Rapleaf amidst Personalization Boom
Personyze (news, site) upped its website personalization and analytics game this week with the integration of Rapleaf's public information and personal interests aggregator. 

Goodness All Around

Rapleaf customers will now be able to enjoy a more powerful website personalization platform, as the information gathered (public information available online, offline sources, and interests provided by individual customers) can now be used to engage website visitors with more meaningful content.

Personyze also combines these demographics with its in-house online behavior metrics to build more diverse segmentations of visitors. Here's an example of the kind of reporting Personyze can offer based on this data:

“The partnership brings forth a unique solution; customers of both companies can use Rapleaf's valuable data with Personyze's platform to offer more enjoyable consumer experiences and to streamline the personalization process," explaine Auren Hoffman, CEO of Rapleaf.

Seeing Eye to Eye

Rapleaf and Personyze seem to share a vision of where Personalization should be taking customers, so the partnership certainly makes sense for both parties -- but perhaps more so for the latter:

“The Rapleaf integration fills in missing visitor demographics our customers need to more
precisely target ads and emails,” explained Danny Hen, VP Marketing and Business Development at

In general, the he Israeli software startup is beginning to show a lot of potential. Personyze began selling its platform in April, and reportedly has tens of thousands of dollars in monthly revenue from licence fees. This has lead the company to expect to reach US$ 200,000 a month by year end, which would mean monthly sales of at least US$ 1 million within a year.

Competition is stiff, however, as it includes giants such as IBM, which bought marketing software firm Unica for US$ 480 million, and Adobe Systems, which acquired Omniture for a whopping US$ 1.8 billion. 

In other words, it's going to take a lot for this young company to be able to swim steadily with the sharks, but so far it sounds like they're on the right track. 

If you're interested, you can check on more information on the company's website here