SalesCrunch (news, site) has updated its online social selling platform, CrunchConnect, with new functionality that improves your company's ability to collaborate.

Taking Selling to Social Levels

CrunchConnect is a new online presentation service. But it's not your typically WebEx. Every sales person uses some kind of presentation when pitching their ideas to potential customers. But how do you know if that customer is really interested, and what parts of the presentation they focused on most? CrunchConnect tells you through a mix of social features and presentation analytics (read SalesCrunch Mixes Web Conference, Social and Analytics to Support the Selling Process).

This is an online service currently in beta, and it's a pretty useful service to sales groups.

Enabling Company Collaboration

Today, that usefulness has gone even further with the addition of Company Collaboration, a set of features designed to support a company in their sales efforts. Now, CrunchConnect supports a single account with multiple companies or divisions within a company. New users can sign up to join specific company or create their own.


CrunchConnect - Meeting Summary

Some of the new functionality that comes with Company Collaboration includes:

  • Groups: You can set up groups that manage their own set of presentations. A group can represent a division or sales team. Each group has a manager(s) that can view all presentations created within that group and all the associated analytics.
  • Sharing Presentations: A new share button allows you to share your presentation (or one that has been shared with you) to an individual or a group. A new Decks section shows you all the presentations you have access to, including those you created and those shared with you. You can modify any presentation shared with you, but those changes are applied to your deck only. Note that managers can track any changes made to decks.
  • Record Meetings: Meetings are recorded and notes have been added to meetings. These notes can be taken within the meeting window and can be tagged as feedback, question, concern or as a custom tag you create. Because they are timestamped, you are able to tell people to playback certain sections of the deck. In the future, you will be able to playback the presentation deck and the notes will playback inline with the deck.


CrunchConnect - Notes & Tagging

Managing Presentations

Administrators need insight into what's happening with presentations. They need this to know what's working and what may not be and to share what their best sales people may be up to.

New views for managers include the ability to see recent email activity. So they can see what presentations were emailed and what activity has happened by those people who received it (the recipient).


Crunch Connect - Email Activity

Managers can also listen to any presentation and reviews notes. They can also share presentations that they think work well with others.

All of this enables managers to ensure the best presentations are available to their sales people and that best practices and learnings can be shared. These are things you can't easily do if you are using a traditional web conferencing tool.

CrunchConnect is still in beta, but it's now a public beta available at I encourage you to check it out if sales is a key part of your organization (and when isn't it).