As the race for VoIP and unified communications heats up, Salesforce (news, site) leaps into action and picks up VSee.

You See VSee?

Rather than splash out billions on a big name, Salesforce is taking the more subtle route and putting some money behind the clever enterprise 2.0 peer-to-peer-based video and collaboration outfit VSee, whose service allows simple video collaboration, document sharing and file transfer.

As you can see from the video, it is aimed at people who just want things to happen. There are no frills or fluff -- just the actions users will want to work with. Remote teams can create meeting invitations via a hyperlink that will start a session, all without the need to install complex software or throw expensive hardware around.  


Invest, Prosper

Salesforce is rumored to have made a multi-million dollar investment in the firm, with the likelihood of the product being fed into and other products over time. The VSee product will go live next month, but already has a strong enterprise customer base.

It can be used for collaboration, video conferencing, troubleshooting and tech support and any other area where face-to-face communication is required. There is currently a Windows-only download version, but a no-software edition is planned that will run on iPads, Androids and the like.

Where will Salesforce take this investment? Who knows, but there is a potentially massive userbase and, if VSee grows as planned, it could be a serious string in Salesforce's bow.

A 30-day trial is available (the current app is just a 10MB download) for commercial or government users, and VSee is free for personal use. Pricing is based on small teams, at US$ 10 per user per month (pupm), professionals at US$ 50pupm, conferencing at US$ 100pupm, with additional cameras and camera control features for those with expensive set ups and, finally, a private server version at a quotable cost.