SDL (newssite) has taken a firm grip on supporting the growing population of mobile users in Tridion 2011.

Any Device, AnyWhere

This is a new moto that pretty much all web content management vendors are repeating today. And those heavily focused on the web engagement market are particularly vocal. SDL is no exception, touting some nice new mobile capabilities in Tridion 2011.

The key is that users want access to information anytime and anywhere, which means that organizations cannot rely on their websites alone to provide it. The popularity of the BlackBerry, iPhone and Android smartphones are clear signals that we are always connected.

Mobile Content Delivery

Tridion 2011 offers organizations the ability to do mobile content delivery. A simulator -- via NetBiscuits partnership -- is embedded within the Tridion environment, enabling previews of content on a number of different mobile devices. There are mobile media widgets that can be utilized for things like galleries and forms, and access to native device functions like camera and GPS means organizations can do things like location awareness.

For the end user, it means automatic device detection which helps optimize both images and text for the user's device.

In addition, Tridion supports mobile video and audio streaming, along with mobile video advertising (something many will find very interesting).

No matter what the mobile device looks like in its inevitable next incarnation, the mobile channel has become as fundamentally human as the circulatory system. And it changes everything—of which marketing is an important subset. Having 24x7 access to your customer redefines the game. To marketers, it presents an unprecedented opportunity to innovate and succeed—as well as a million new opportunities to get it wrong. (SDL Excecutive Report - PersuasveEngagement Management)

But It's Not Only About the Technology

An important thing that SDL points out is that getting the technology part straight is only the start. Giving users access to your information and you via mobile device does not mean you have a new engagement channel. Mobile is not a channel, it's merely device, and you need to understand how to track your users across the devices and channels they use to communicate with you.

Yes we are speaking of context here, something you will hear much about over the years to come. With context comes relevance, providing the right information to the right user at the right time.