Sitecore(news, site) walked us through the latest incarnation of its web content management platform in April redefining it as the Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform. Today, it is officially available. Let's the flocking begin.

It's About More Than the Web

Typically we call these platforms Web Engagement Platforms, but Sitecore doesn't think that term fits the bill. It's about more than the website, it's email, it's social, it's mobile, it's much more. Darren Guarnaccia, Sitecore's SVP Product Marketing, walked us through a demo of the newest version of Sitecore Web CMS and the Digital Marketing Suite (formerly called OMS) (you can get that look in Sitecore Repositions Web CMS as Customer Engagement Platform) .

It's these two products that make up the Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform. And as a reminder of the goodies you will get in these latest versions:

Sitecore Web CMS v6.5

  • Inline Personalization: Inline management and manipulation of content based on personas and/or business rules within the author/editing experience.
  • Profile Cards & Patterns: Profile cards can be created to define personas
  • Sitecore App Center: Order and manage your pre-integrated Sitecore cloud services within your Sitecore implementation.

Sitecore Digital Marketing Suite (DMS) 2.0

  • Engagement Automation: Enables organizations to co-ordinate the customer experience across channels
  • Inline Multivariate Testing: Test different versions of your webpages directly within your CMS environment.
  • Insights Dashboard: All new executive dashboard provide you the information you need on what's happening with your website, channels and campaigns.

In addition, the analytics API has been completely rewritten for better performance and the analytics reports have been updated for better usability and to include Sitecore's new engagement metric.

Learning Opportunities

Add to that new versions of the modules Calendar, Web Forms for Marketers and Search Engine Optimization, along with Sitecore 6.5 tested AD and CRM integration modules and you are ready to start working with this latest version.

In case you missed it earlier, here's Darren discussing Sitecore's Customer Engagement Platform.