Tal.ki: Fast and Easy Forum Embeds On Any Site
If you're a fan of dead simple solutions, then you may want to give Tal.ki a try. The forum system from Lefora is a chat box that isn't limited to one community--it can be placed on any page, any post, or any site. 

Embed it Like a Video

A little cut and paste goes a long way these days. Dressing up your page, post or site with a Tal.ki forum is much like embedding a YouTube video. Twitter and Facebook credentials go a long way as well. Thanks to them, you don't need a Tal.ki login to use the service. 

Tal.ki login 


"With Talki we're targeting a different demographic," said Talki's co-founder Paul Bragiel. "We're not going after super hard-core forum users that want to mod the hell out of everything. It's for the 'hey I have a blog, and it's a very big audience, and I'd like to have my users talking to each other,' or 'hey I'm a large media entity and I want to have a couple big sites and put them up very quickly.'"

Treat it Like a Chameleon 

 "Working on Lefora we realized that there are these two types of users that want forums," continued
Bragiel. "These hard-core users who wanted to tweak every single option...and then we saw these people who have websites or commerce sites and who wanted something clean and simple, but not necessarily with all those features."

Tal.ki's simplicity is a welcome change. In addition to the ease of integration and sign in, Tal.ki can be set to automatically detect the look of your site and change its color scheme to match. 

At the same time, it'll be interesting to see how Lefora's new solution competes with other commenting services. With less restrictions (moderation is up to the widget creator) it might spawn a lot of really good conversation, or a lot of really bad conversation (see: just about any video on YouTube with open comments). 

The tool is free, but limits the number of forums, recent topics and API access available. If that doesn't jive with what you're after, the company offers three paid packages as well. Check out the free version below: