Alterian (newssite) is making progress on their next wave of customer engagement solutions and they've provided a peek at what's to come.

Event Triggered Marketing 

Alterian acquired social media and analytics provider Techrigy back in July of next year, adding to their interactive marketing platform. They now have a beta version of Alterian Alchemy which they previewed at DMA last week. Alterian Alchemy is the framework for Alterian's next generation of customer engagement solutions which will range from campaign management to engagement management.

Social Media Monitoring Console

One piece of the Alchemy framework is a new social media monitoring dashboard, which is compared to that provided by Radian 6. According to Marshall Sponder on WebMediaMatrix, the new dashboard runs on top of Silverlight and includes automatic keyword categorization capabilities. Some of the new features include the ability to collect up to 40 million social media results per day, bulk import and improved keyword validation. 


Alterian Alchemy

Learning Opportunities

That's about all we can tell you about Alterian Alchemy, other than it will be released on November 18th. We'll provide you more details at that time. It is clear though, that Alterian is determined to take a lead position in the interactive marketing field where the number of web engagement management solutions is becoming filled with more providers that you can count. What will set the best apart?