Video Grader Tracks Success of Video Marketing Efforts
How do you measure up when it comes to video presence? Inspired by the recent social influence measurement hype, Pixability's Video Grader uses a proprietary algorithm to tell you just that. More importantly, it can also be used to analyze the competition's video marketing strategy.

Here's how it works: Users plug a few bits of information into Pixability's official video grader site, such as company website address, YouTube address and company size. Next they click the Generate Report button and Video Grader spits out a report card with a score between zero and 100. 

Pixability's marketing director Yelena Kadeykina recently plugged a bunch of big companies into the generator to see how they were doing in relation to each other. Here are her results:

video_grader_chart copy.jpg

Hard to believe McDonald's only got a 40, isn't it?

We can't speak for accuracy, but the company claims scoring is based on data points like the number of Google Video search results, YouTube views, and video metadata. 

“Our Online Video Grader is the first video how-to tool of its kind empowering business owners and marketing professionals to make the best out of their available video resources,” says Bettina Hein, founder and CEO of Pixability. “To paraphrase MarketingProfs’ Ann Handley, video marketing is like high school sex – everyone is trying to do it, but no one is doing it well. Our mission is to make video marketing easy and effective for businesses.”

If you're interested, go try it for yourself here. Alternately, you can contemplate whether or not social influence measurement is being taken too far here