VisitorTrack, a tool from netFactor Corporation that acts like caller ID for your website, aims to turn anonymous visitors into leads. For Salesforce users, this process is now automated. 


VisitorTrack's technology combines website tracking, marketing intelligence and sales lead generation, enabling the tool to trace and market to the the previously untraceable. 

"...automatically convert anonymous 'clicks' to your company's site into actionable web sales leads - without any Visitor registration action," says the company. "Our proprietary technology for B2B Lead Generation captures the identities of these Visitors in a completely unobtrusive way. With VisitorTrack you'll receive the most detailed visibility into the anonymous business Visitors to your website available anywhere."

According to netFactor, trackable information includes Company Name, Address, Website, Revenue, Employees, Industry and page-by-page Website Visit information.

Tracking magic is brought to you in part by the Jigsaw's contacts database, a virtual Rolodex that was acquired by Salesforce in April of this year

Made for Marketers

The integration with Salesforce makes the process that much easier for Enterprise, Unlimited or Developer account holders. Features include: 

  • Multiple user set up - Each Salesforce User can be tied to a VisitorTrack user account 
  • Create New Salesforce Accounts - One-Click export of Companies from the Online Reports screen
  • Create New Salesforce Leads & Contacts - One-Click export of record details from the MyContacts Screen creates leads or Contacts

There's also a CRM Monitor for tracking record exports and identifying Salesforce transfer issues. The tool displays the activity for the last 25 records: 

VisitorTrack CRM Monitoring

"We've brought the leading toolsets for website visitor tracking, business contacts and sales CRM together in this VisitorTrack release" said Christopher Jeffers, CEO of netFactor. "These newly introduced features are designed to help sales professionals and marketers get closer to customers and active prospects. Best of all, they are now available at no additional charge to our VisitorTrack users."

Interested? VisitorTrack has a handy setup guide here