In the second to last week of Web Engagement month, our gracious experts and staff took some time to talk about engaging customers in an online community, and whether or not there's a must-use metric in the pipeline. 

WEM: Web Navigation Must Face Forwards, Not Backwards

"People are on the Web to do something very specific. Great navigation relentlessly focuses on what is ahead."

What's Hot in Web Content Management in 2011?

"There are many different perspectives on what's big in web content management (WCM) this year, and where better to hear them then from the crow's nests of WCM vendors themselves?

We spent some time at the Gartner PPC conference a few weeks ago talking to vendors in the web content management market. Our big question to them? What's Hot in Web CMS for 2011? Here is what they told us."

Is There a Must-Use Metric to Measure Web Engagement?

"How do you know your web engagement strategies are working if you aren't measuring them. You don't. But how exactly do you measure something like engagement anyway?"

Is Video a Web Engagement Star or a Killer?

"Positive web engagement management requires novel yet concise means of attracting the user. Where does video fall within the spectrum of good and bad experiences?"

The Perils of Selecting the Wrong Web CMS

"With an increased frequency of reports citing that the US economy is on the mend, businesses large and small are dusting off their checkbooks. Greater confidence in the economy and recent demand increases for goods and services have many organizations ready to tackle their IT projects that had once been shelved due to funding freezes; however, many remain anxious in spending on their website initiatives because of failed web content management system (WEM) implementation horrors in recent years. Unmet requirements, wasted spending, increased costs, lackluster user adoption and uninvolved executives are all perils that buyers face with selecting the wrong CMS. So how can you sidestep these hazards?

Develop a sound Web Content Management (WCM) selection methodology that includes: defining a content strategy, knowing and prioritizing requirements, valuing CMS ROI and obtaining executive sponsorship."

StrongMail Spark: Engaging Customers in an Online Community

"We talk a lot about how you can engage your customers via external communities. StrongMail's Spark Community is a good example of how to do this. Let's take a look.

Kristin Hersant, StrongMail's VP of Corporate Marketing took some time to discuss the work the email marketing and social media solution vendor has been doing to support and engage with their customers and employees."