The web provides enormous potential for companies today.

Tapping into this potential is challenging for those of us who have the task of enhancing and extending our organization's online presence to accommodate major trends such as social and mobile, and to increasingly leverage customer context to deliver more intelligent experiences.

Most organization are struggling to keep up. So don't feel bad if you're not on the bleeding edge. But what's critical? Where do you stand? And how bad is your current website?

You can find out:  Take the Web CMS Health Check

The Web CMS Health Check tool, created by CoreMedia, performs an analysis of your priorities, operational challenges, mobile readiness, and the technology and services infrastructure that you rely upon. The end result is a series of scores that help you evaluate exactly how you are doing across a number of key dimensions.

The tool analyzes these 5 dimensions:

  • Customer Experience
  • Marketing Effectiveness
  • Mobile Readiness
  • Usability & Consumability
  • Vendor Services

Perspective is everything some say, and this tool will help shed some light on where you could be closing gaps and where you should be raising priorities. 

If your digital channel is critical to success, take the Web CMS Health Check today.