axaio is MadeToPrint
Just when the rest of the world is shutting down its presses, axaio is updating MadeToPrint.

MadeToPrint is axaio's plug-in for InDesign and Xpress. It allows users to print to more than one source simultaneously. Now, it has been been updated for InDesign CS4, Adobe's most recent and major update. CS4 offers more complex solutions, as well as options for designers. With MadeToPrint's update, users can create high-volume PDFs, EPS and PS with more flexibility.

New Capabilities for MadeToPrint

Other MadeToPrint updates include Auto, which allows print jobs to be automated so that they can run completely unattended and XT 8, the output enhancer that supports the new version of Quarks layout application, QuarkXpress 8, for both Mac OS X and Windows XP/Vista.


MadeToPrint Print Window

But it doesn't end there. axaio has also launched MadeToPrint Server, as server-based solution that merges the output features of InDesign Server and MadeToPrint. By doing so, no longer are the desktop versions of InDesign CS3 or CS4 needed to regulate printing jobs. MadeToPrint Server has its own interface that lets users set up jobs directly on the InDesign Server and includes options for remote operation so that they can run invisibly in the background.


MadeToPrint Process

MadeToPrint Server can be fully integrated with vjoon K4 and Woodwing Smart Connection Enterprise for fully automated output right from the editorial system.

Less To Print, But A Good Option if You Have to

While there may be less to print these days, what you do print can be efficiently managed and executed, even automated with MadeToPrint. Though pricing for MadeToPrint and MadeToPrint Server are not exactly cheap, it could save money for many small design firms looking to cut costs.

Trial versions are available and can be downloaded the axaio website.

Happy printing!