Brightcove Online Video Platform Sees An Increase in Partner Ecosystem

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Admittedly, we haven’t thought much about the video distribution platform Brightcove (news, site) since sometime last year, so imagine our surprise when they burst from the woodwork this week with a ton of updates.

The new developments come directly from Brightcove Alliance, the company's global partner ecosystem, which has not only doubled in size, but added new partner categories and training and certification programs as well.


We first touched on Brightcove just shy of a year ago. Though many are quick to call it a wannabe YouTube, the company insists their platform has way more control and functionality. Unfortunately, even though they offer tiered pricing plans, it’s difficult to compete with a free service as gigantic as YouTube.

Still, CEO Jeremy Allair was positive when he spoke of the platform last year: “We are not profitable, but our burn rate continues to go down. We don’t expect to have to raise additional money based on our growth.”

We wonder how it’ll be now that things seem to’ve turned around entirely.

Big and Bright

Let’s start with size. Brightcove Alliance has doubled in size in the past seven months to include more than 200 technology, distribution and solution providers. Allair remains ever-positive: “The rapid growth of the Brightcove Alliance represents an enormous groundswell of innovation and value that third-party providers are building on top of the Brightcove platform.

Learning Opportunities

Partners include companies from various walks of the Internet life like transcoding services, e-mail solutions, and most interestingly, content management providers. Brightcove expects the integration with content management systems to provide their customers with more efficient ways to operate websites and manage libraries of video assets. Systems currently working with Brightcove include Ektron, Movable Type, Drupal and WordPress.

The significant increase in partner categories provides access to training, support, technology and co-marketing opportunities for reaching Brightcove customers, spanning hundreds of major media brands, businesses and organizations.

Bigger and Brighter

Other good stuff comes in the form of a new training and certification program. Designed to provide agencies and integrators with the opportunity to offer video services, the program will also grant access to a special Partner Edition of the Brightcove platform wherein they can publish and manage video services for their clients.

Sounds like Brightcove is singing a much different tune from this time last year. Keep up with them here and let’s see how this explosion of new stuff pans out.