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Anew partnership between publishing software giant Woodwing (news, site) and visual search technology developer Imprezzeo (news, site) will add image recognition search capabilities to Woodwing’s enterprise content management system.

Searching with Images

What the partnership will do is to add Imprezzeo’s Image Search to Woodwing’s Content Station so that users of Content Station will be able to carry out searches using other images as “search terms”.

With Image Search in Woodwing’sContent Station users will be able to perform “more like this” searches using a particular image, producing results that contain all similar imagesfrom anywhere within Content Station.


Woodwing Enterprise 7

Imprezzeo 2.0

Imprezzeo launched in September 2008 and has been providing visual search products since then, while Content Station is almost a constant in the publishing industry with the regular updates, the most recent of which was in October with v7.

Imprezzeo Image Search 2.0 is an image recognition and search product that uses content-based image retrieval (CBIR) and facial recognition (FR), allowing users to use images to search for images, rather than textual search terms.

Imprezzeo 2.jpg

Imprezzeo 2.0. Initial search using term 'horse'.

When a user performs a search it produces a list of results, a group of which the user can then use to perform a further streamlined search using the information contained in the initial search results rather than on metadata. Users also have the option of uploading their own search images into Image System.

Imprezzeo 1.jpg

Imprezzeo 2.0. Initial search results for 'horse'.

Image Search aims to make the retrieval and use of images within an ECM easier and more efficient and is targeted at the publishing industry in particular (no real surprise as the money to set it all up originally came from Independent News & Media).

Imprezzeo 4.jpg

Impresseo 2.0. Refined results for search 'horse'. The process of refining image searches is done by clicking on the image in the initial results. Searches can be refined until the required image is found.

However, with a range of web services up its sleeve, it can be integrated with most search or workflow systems quite easily and Imprezzeo has indicated that they could well be looking at other vertical sectors in the future.

Learning Opportunities

Content Station 7

For its part, Woodwing unveiled Enterprise and Content Station v7 at the recent IFRA Expo, but has gone through many upgrades since it first launched. Overall, it offers users one central environment from which to produce and publish high-quality content for print and online channels.

Content station_dossiers.jpg

Dossiers are a pivotal component of Enterprise 7 . They allow for the creation of content packages that can be scheduled for multiple outputs (print, online, mobile devices, etc).

Story planning, research and content production are all conducted from within Content Station, with publishing only a click away. Content Station allows users to publish to the Web, mobile, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and any other online channel without leaving the application.

Users can also manage any file type, including PDFs, which can be generated easily and quickly from within the platform, and double-click on files of any type, opening them in their source application.

Designed with the creative process in mind, Content Station can integrate with files created for Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, Apple Keynote and video, among others.

The new integration with Imprezzeo was first showcased at IFRA 2009 in Vienna recently as part of the announcement of the new Enterprise 7 and its Image Search 2.0 capabilities.