WoodWing Connects Enterprise Web Publishing to Social Media
WoodWing (news, site) adds social media integration, ad hoc editorial planning and social publishing features to its due-in-December enterprise publishing system, Enterprise 7.

Enterprise 7 is the upcoming major update to Dutch company WoodWing's traditional Web publishing system. The new version is bolstered with social publishing features to help get a company's message out to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube users and mobile services, among many new features.

New and Improved Functionality

As well as basic improvements like faster performance and a reduced footprint, there are several major additions.

The major front-end update is the Content Station which runs in Adobe Air. As well as maintaining its traditional links to InDesign and other publishing systems, it is now accessible through a Web browser as well as the desktop.

The Dossier interface has been tweaked to make it easier to create, edit and manage content. Stripping down the number of steps need to perform various tasks has sped up content creation and manipulation.

Additional changes include the ability to group articles in an intelligent, more logical manner, so these can then be accessed faster. Also, content can be assigned to channels and a new sidebar makes finding content quicker.



The new front-end speeds up functions and improves organization

A Better Search

Another new feature is updated search. Enterprise 7 now incorporates Apache Solr, so that content managers and users can find the right text or images without wading through unstructured results. Instead, they get grouped results that are categorized.

There is also a visual search engine that can help find similar images to a reference picture by comparing colors, textures and shapes -- no need for entering a collection of different search terms.

Smart Catalog is another new feature, useful for publications regularly updated, such as sports schedules or television listings. Links can be made between a publication and data source to help feed the new information without designers having to manually add every element.

Taking News On The Road

Beyond the desktop, WoodWing is making content available for mobile users and, naturally, there's an iPhone App for that. In fact, WoodWing customers can get their own branded news reader application (separate from Enterprise 7).

Users can read news pulled from a CMS or RSS source, they can update it by shaking the phone, search for text and bookmark stories. On the server side, it can collect user statistics.

A branded reader can be purchased from WoodWing for €499 (US$ 740).


Companies can provide an iPhone newsreader for their customers

Enterprise 7, which also sees enchancements in its Smart Connection plug-ins for other applications, supports both Windows 7 and OS-X Snow Leopard, and is due out in December.